Banu Hashim International

Mutton Tallow

Located in Ghaziabad(India), the company has carved a niche for itself in the market with its flawless range. Working in close coordination with the genuine logisticians, we dispatch the products in the dedicated time.


Details : The company offers Mutton Tallow to the buyers, which is a high quality technical animal fat. The Mutton Tallow is low in free fatty acid content which is below 3%. Due to its higher saturated fatty acid content in the triglyceride structure, the Mutton Tallow is significantly more stable to oxidative rancidity.


Moisture 1.0 % Max
Impurities 8 % Max
Free fatty acids as oleic acid 3.0 % Max
Unsaponifiable matter 0.5 % Max
Lodine Value 44
Titre value 38 - 42
Saponification value 192 - 202
Peroxide value 5 % Max